Acrobatic Fireshow


JAGO & L-ION can perform fire shows, from a romantic and elegant show for a wedding to something wilder for private events such as birthdays, (theme) parties or corporate events. Each performance is choreographed to the point with high skills in “flow-arts”, dance and acrobatics, a theme or story and various fire elements with a big finale of pyrotechniques or effects. Moreover, expect a huge variety of costumes which add the final touch to the theme or topic of your event.

Köln - Cologne, Germany / Ibiza, Spain

We, JAGO & L-ION are an artistic duo, Berlin-Ibiza based. We love to bring the final touch to an event - creating COSTUMES and characters on STILTS , perform choreographed FIRE & LED SHOWS, a solo HOOP-ACT or GROUP SHOWS - all including DANCE + ACROBATICS.

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