Hula Hoop Wedding Party

by Ka Whoops

Make your special day unforgettable for all your guests! Surprise them, young and grown up, with a unique Hula Hoops Entertainment Show! Hula Hoops are like magic rings just bigger than wedding rings, but also very powerful! Dancing with hula hoops, I will bring good vibes, big smiles, some fun and extra hoops for people to try! If you would like even more magic, I can perform together with an amazing live band, and everybody will be dancing and feeling very good!

Berlin, Germany

I am a urban Hula Hoop performer, and Hoop Dance instructor. I offer Hula Hoop LED performances, colorful hula hoop acts, multi-hooping shows, and hula hoop workshops. I´m originally from Sardinia, and I live in Berlin. I love hooping, traveling and sharing hoop love all around the world!

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