Hula Hoop Act "Very Fragile"

by Kristin Lahoop

Poetic Hula Hoop act with one hoop.Kristin Lahoop combines Hula Hoop manipulation, dance and movement theater into a total work of art with outstanding precision, speed and poetry.Reactions from the audience:“This reminds me of Pina Bausch,” “That was the most beautiful Hula Hoop Act I’ve seen for years,” “Incredibly impressive and touching,” “You’ve invented a new genre, Contemporary Hula Hoop.”Production: 2017 / Lenght: 6 minutes

Berlin, Germany

Kristin is a Berlin based Hula Hoop artist. Her portfolio is very colorful: from spectacular LED Hoop Act with 5 glowing Hula Hoops to poetic contemporary Hoopdance to funny streetshow.

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