Berlin, Germany

The "Mobile Dunkelkammer" (mobile darkroom) offers workshops around analogue photography as well as an analogue vintage portrait- shooting with a large format camera and an old van with a complete built-in darkroom, or at the artist space BLO-Ateliers in Berlin-Lichtenberg.

Taking photos with a shoebox? Impossible? Of course you can! Applying the basic principles of photography, you only need a black box with a tiny hole and a light-sensitive photo paper or film to take a picture. Build your own pinhole camera and record your personal view onto an analogue photo, which you will later develop yourself in a mobile darkroom van.

Let's be portrayed like in a photoautomat - analogue with a large format camera, retro flash techniques and on-site with a professional photographer. The photo is developed in a mobile darkroom and you can take your individual black and white fineart portrait as a unique reminder of the day. All in all it takes less than 15 minutes for the whole process.