München - Munich, Germany

I am a graphic artist from Munich. After studying communication design in Germany and Jamaica, I moved on to develop a visual laguage that is heavily influenced by comics, graffitti and music. Ever since I try to tell stories and touch people through my artworks.

Hand drawn GABE illustrations, produced as neon light installations. They add style, transport concepts and messages and influence environments. You can shape living spaces, restaurants, bars, shops, offices and public areas. The illustrations can range from characters and figures, logos and signs to handmade type and lettering.

For the past 8 years, I've been applying my illustration style to a broad range of illustration projects. They break down information for magazines. They tell stories and transport style and culture on packagings, skateboards, bicycles, merchandise and all kinds of apparel. In the past I illustrated for Adidas, Google, Reebok, Stüssy, 55DSL, GQ Magazine, Amnesty International, It's Nice That, Fred Perry and much more.

I make art accessible by making it wearable. I create artworks and illustrations for t-shirt prints, embroidery on headwear, patches, and pins up to handmade unique items.

I offer tattoo illustrations that can either be printed as high quality temporary tattoos or drawn on people live with water-based acrylic markers. It works perfect as a give away and product or as live art at events.

Unique and handmade GABE artworks on walls and a broad range of objects.

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