Walkacts - Stilts of all heights

por JAGO & L-ION

JAGO & L-ION offer walkacts on stilts of different heights for any kind of event you could possibly think of. All costumes are handmade until the last detail with astonishing professional make-up. Whether it is greeting guests in elegant fancy frocks, animating young to old at parties, clubs, city or corporate events – any personality, character or figure imagineable can - and will be created! If it is a faun, neptune, wild natives, a monster or a angel…

Köln - Cologne, Germany / Ibiza, Spain

We, JAGO & L-ION are a german-spanish artistic duo, Köln-Ibiza based. We love to bring the final touch to an event - creating costumes and characters on stilts, performing choreographed fire & LED shows, a solo multi-hoop act or group shows - all including skillful dance and acrobatics.

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