Cozmik Ping Pong

by Taishi Nagasaka

This is a synthesizer operated by a ping pong table with 2 contact mics (on each side), attached under the ping pong table and everytime the ball bounces on the table, it activates the synthesizer and makes sounds. The musician can also manipulate the synthesizer sounds with additional effects. This can be played in any place with a ping pong table. It can be an entertainment for your office, events, parties, or a performance on the stage.

Berlin, Germany

Taishi Nagasaka is a Berlin based Musician and Artist (Aka DJ ONONiiONIONIION, Cozmik Onion Express, the bass player of Fat White Family) who created Cozmik Ping Pong: a synthesizer operated by a ping pong table, an entertaining act for any office team event or party.

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