Berlin, Germany

Sequined showgirl meets sideshow superstar, this costumed chameleon oozes class, quirk and carries a bottomless bag of tricks everywhere she goes.

Built from a broken stroller, an old bed sheet found on a Berlin street and transformed into a puppet stage paradise, WunderWagon is a collection of short and comedic plays starring loveable, household objects, hand-made puppets and found things.It is a 20 minute show suitable for all ages, especially children!

Baba is a one-woman stage or street show that explores the blurred lines between the tragedy and comedy of dementia. Told through mask and puppetry, Baba is a loveable and adaptable character can interact with audiences while roving the streets or entertain from the stage.

This is a tap-tastic and super silly spectacle featuring Mad Gab's very own invention, The Cymbal Hat! It is a 7-minute routine featuring tap dancing, playing a washboard, puppetry, comedy and hat juggling.

Life is a gym for the strongest man in the world. Bodybuilding is no longer a hobby since the obesity epidemic broke out. He has taken it upon himself to single-handedly fight this plague, but when is enough, enough? This one-woman show runs for 6 minutes and is most suitable for adult audiences.