Tomar, Santarem, Portugal

Estátuas humanas com uma variedade de performances para todo o tipo de eventos. Roman Banquet, Peace & Love Picnic, Marie Antoinette & Louis XVI, Biker and his babe são algumas das estátuas disponíveis com os respectivos adereços e efeitos. Dá uma olhada. Talvez tenhamos o cenário que estás à procura.

A fun performance by the DJ and his dancing assistant. The perfect atmosphere for private parties and events looking for the swing atmosphere of the 20's, 30's and 40's, with music played by their own unique Antique gramophone.

The flamboyant Marie Antoinette with her excessively wide gown next to the seated King Louis, all in a metallic Gold finish to complete the rich atmosphere.

Two hippies in love relaxing and chilling together at a picnic, listening to the radio playing tunes of the 1960´s, eating & drinking, just relaxing and loving the moment. An interesting & fun atmosphere which always brings smiles to the audience and amazement at the different picnic foods, all in a monochrome silver finish.

Biker and his Biker babe out on the highway astride their low rider which comes complete with sound effects, rock music and light effects. All in metallic gold and black, they amaze the crowd with their statuesque poses and bring smiles to the faces with their fun moves.

A flower power picnic in the 1960´s which involves 4 characters chilling on a summer day, complemented by music .

Christmas is not Christmas without this Charles Dickens character. Here you can see Scrooge sat at his desk working out his accounts and not feeling very festive, as music plays adding to the Victorian atmosphere.

A scene which can be either standing up or sat down on a park bench. M´Lady with her husband and their pet dog.

A Roman banquet that can involve 2,3 or 4 characters around the table, which is laid with fruit, wine, there´s even a dish of snails and other props along with Roman music to add to the ambience. All in a copper finish.

A magical Winter scene with the Ice Queen with her dress and staff, that lights up unexpectedly adding to the surprise. All in ice white, with background music making it the perfect Christmas setting.