Berlin, Germany

We are TAPE OVER... An international tape art crew established in Berlin, Munich and Hannover. Our tape art style includes elements of street art as well as urban art, and is characterized by its versatility and fine detail.

TAPE MAPPING is a combination of tape art and projection mapping. This fusion of analogue and digital art is mesmerizing and exciting.

We create massive tape art murals on walls on the streets as well inside.

We invented TAPE ON YOU – a tailor made body & fashion styling with tape. It’s a spontaneous interactive creation process in which we use tape to create individual & extraordinary appearances that match the vibe and style of each person. To be precise, it’s tape art designed directly onto people’s skin or clothes.

We create unique tape art designs, which highlight your company as well as your products at trade fairs, road shows, exhibitions etc.

We create individual tape art designs to change the look & feel of stores as well as locations, in general.

We develop tape art concepts for companies & brands in order to create a special personalized brand experience.

We involve the location itself to create special impact as well as to intensify the overall expression. Thus we create tape art installations using space and surroundings.

We do commissioned tape art designs and artworks for private people as well as for companies.

We offer tape art workshops to kids, students, adults as well as to companies as a team building event. Doing tape art is fun and all you need is your hands and some imagination.