Hamburg, Germany

We are traveling creatives with a deep connection to nature. We merge Urban Art and Environmental Art around the globe - inspired by indigenous art as well as the ephemeral beauty of nature. We are known for our poetic urban interventions and the Tree-Project in nature & studio.

Rooted in Graffiti and Urban Art movement since more than 25 years and with a passion for nature phenomenons and astronomy, we merge our styles thereby creating site-specific murals. If you are looking for funky character styles and psychedelic patterns or bright colours and happiness drop us a line... We provide also our knowledge in workshops in English or in German.

We connect Urban Art with nature and environmental issues. These unique wooden works are installed in nature and festival sites around the globe. Directly handpainted on surfaces like trees or trunks, nature becomes our canvas. Dead woods come to life with our brush strokes. We can make transportable objects to install on events or in your home. We work together with photographers & light specialists. For all works we use biodegradable colors.