Lisbon, Portugal

Os Compotas são uma banda de "irmãos" que se juntaram ao grrove em 2012 e espalham o Funk por todo mundo. Estão a trabalhar no seu primeiro álbum de originais e podes contratá-los se gostas de dançar. Eles são a FESTA!

We provide you a full hearth performance. An act of unconditional love, through the surrendering of our bodies, sweating and moving at the same groove, to boost the energy of your party! We play tha funk, tha whole funk, nothing but the funk. From the classicals of James Brown, Prince or Stevie Wonder to the underrated guardians of the groove, like The Meters or Sly. We're really not a usual band for private events. But we still love to preach the funk, wherever we're called to deliver it.<3