Köln - Cologne, Germany / Ibiza, Spain

We, JAGO & L-ION are an artistic duo, Berlin-Ibiza based. We love to bring the final touch to an event - creating costumes and characters on stilts, performing choreographed fire & LED shows, a solo Hoop act or group shows - all including dance and acrobatics.

The meeting of two worlds. Scientific researcher Jane meets curious, jungle wild, Tarzan. You will see the magic of love bridge two extremely different worlds. You will feel the dance of fascination for the new and exotic worlds of one another. We celebrate the joy of meeting another soul, in this jungle we call life. Performed by JAGO & KAYA (Duo Dragonfire)

JAGO & L-ION can perform fire shows, from a romantic and elegant show for a wedding to something wilder for private events such as birthdays, (theme) parties or corporate events. Each performance is choreographed to the point with high skills in “flow-arts”, dance and acrobatics, a theme or story and various fire elements with a big finale of pyrotechniques or effects. Moreover, expect a huge variety of costumes which add the final touch to the theme or topic of your event.

This entertaining and humorous performance by JAGO and SaarArts includes elements from swing, tango, burlesque, circus and acrobatics. During this firedance spectacle, two divas in love try to define their place next to each other in a game of ego, fun, jealousy and attraction.Those theatrically overacting characters will steal your attention with their stage presence, outstanding partner fire techniques, beautiful costumes, movement and unique story.

JAGO & L-ION perform a LED show, both magic and futuristic at the same time – visual arts without limits. A perfect alternative for any kind of event where fire is not possible or desired. With programmable LED technologies of the latest generation, any name, date, picture or logo can be personalized and displayed. Ideal for parties or corporate events. A huge variety of costumes combined with acrobatics and synchron choreographies - it is a perfect blend of an elegant and futuristic touch.

The MYSTIC SHOW - a theatrical fire performance combining dance, flexibility, impressive effects and high skilled flow-arts. The poetic core is the energetic spirit between man and woman and the evil spirit wanting to destroy it.The touching story includes elements from contemporary to oriental dance as well as acrobatics. You are invited to a powerful atmosphere of attraction and repulsion, seduction and romance, anger and fight. See and feel masculin power and feminin elegance.

JAGO & L-ION offer walkacts on stilts of different heights for any kind of event you could possibly think of. All costumes are handmade until the last detail with astonishing professional make-up. Whether it is greeting guests in elegant fancy frocks, animating young to old at parties, clubs, city or corporate events – any personality, character or figure imagineable can - and will be created! If it is a faun, neptune, wild natives, a monster or a angel…

JAGO will take you on a journey into the world of TANGO - stylish and elegant, performing skillful circus-style hooping tricks... But also into the world of humour and dance, showing how hoopdance and acrobatics can be combined! Enjoy a high-skilled and well choreographed artistic multi-hoop act, variety style! This act can also be performed using the incredible flashy LED - Future Hoops!