Berlin, Germany

I am a circus artist specialising in aerial, hula hoop and roller skating. I perform high-energy entertaining cabaret acts, as well as walkabout performances and workshops. I also work with programmable LED hula hoops and run the companies Bella Kinetica and Hoop La La.

This collaboration between Berlin aerial artists Jessie Rose and Davidovs Enriko is a sight not to be missed. Combining the breathtaking spins and neck-hangs of traditional circus, with the style and attitude of the fetish party scene and tattoo culture, the pair rock out on a single set of silks to the immersive and bizarre Sucker Punch remix of Bjork's 'Army of Me'. Expect crazy spins, daredevil antics, and high drama.

With state-of-the-art programable LED glow hoops, Orfelia is a mesmerising, unsettling and unforgettable act.Costumed in an alluring black catsuit and shimmering insectoid mask, Orfelia lures in her prey with breathtaking multicoloured patterns and stunning multi-hoop tricks.This act can be customised on request with specific colours or patterns - i.e. a blue themed act, or a love hearts theme, can be painted in the air with light patterns from the hoops.