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Whether you are a gifted musician, a talented painter, or an extraordinary circus artist, Book a Street Artist is the platform where you can submit your art work for free, get global exposure and bookings.

Fantastic spray painters, muralists, musicians, circus artists and others have already joined.

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Our values

We are a group of artists, designers, engineers and socially-minded entrepreneurs who speak your same language and strongly believe in art as a powerful tool for positive change. Our values are the base of every single decision we make at Book a Street Artist every day:

You set your prices and know how much Book a Street Artist makes with every booking.
Part of Book a Street Artist's profits are re-invested in street art events and urban projects.
We only forward your requests from paying customers.
We created this platform for and together with artists. Be sure we will act in your best interest.
We believe in collaboration instead of competition among artists and with other projects.

What our artists say

“To live doing what you really love is the best gift that you can have, is the only way to live a life full of joy and fulfillment. That’s why people like you are so important the our lives. You guys are the bridge that unites the artists with society. Fantastic!” — Ana Sofia - circus artist

“Book a Street Artist is the best thing that happened to street artists: it’s like an older brother who will push us to new challenges & a wider public, but really cares about us. I mean, Book a Street Artist is the best thing that happened to street art itself: in the era of public acceptance, Book a Street Artist mediates with knowledge, the meaning of streetart, the core of the artist, and the voracity of public demanding.” — Drawing Jesus - painter

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