Terms & Conditions

Hello dear artists,

at Book a Street Artist soon many things are NEW: new website, new blog, new branding, new challenges! For this reason, we want to give you some informal info about how we'd like to collaborate together with our artists until our official new terms and conditions are ready. As soon as we adjust the new terms to all the new things, we will of course inform everyone and make it very clear what is going on.


What's important for now:




  • Joining Book a Street Artist is free - you do not pay to have a profile on our website. To join, you need to request an invitation here.
  • If you are invited, you will get an email with a link. That link will lead you to a page where you can create your artist profile. To appear on the platform, you need to add "artistic services" to your artist profile.
    • For example, musicians can add a "living room concert" or a "drums workshop"; visual artists can add "origami installation", "wall design" or "digital illustrations"; performers can add "romantic aerial act" or "duo fire show"... 
    • If your Native language is German or Portuguese, please fill out everything in that language. Everyone else can add everything in English.
  • After you create your services, we will check them. Please note that we might make minor changes in terms of grammar, typos and readability. We will also translate profiles and services into German, Portuguese and English, our main languages. 
  • Rules for images: please only use images that you have the use rights for. Also, please use images with high quality, without any text, watermarks or logos.
  • Content: please don't add any content that may harm or offend anyone. 
  • Clients will contact us to book you via the "GET A FREE QUOTE" button. Therefore, please do not include your email or any links in your description. Being included in our portfolio is a win-win situation for both the artists and us: by being on our platform, you let us promote your art on our social media channels and on our blog, you get to know other artists and you get exciting bookings from reliable clients. We try to encourage clients to book via our platform, as we sustain our business with the commissions we make on each booking.





What we expect from you: 

  • Be transparent and cooperative in pricing:

    • Please provide us with all the info you can give, even if you can only tell a broad price range and need more info to be more precise.

    • Please tell us everything you want to make sure before the occasion (technical equipment, food, special lights, etc.) 

    • Tell us if a booking does not sound interesting for you - that is fine! We are here to make you happy :)

  • Short notice requests: We often get requests on short notice. If you are interested in these bookings please make sure you are reachable :)

  • Once the booking  is confirmed, you are in charge of managing the details: Talk to the client, make sure when to be where, etc.- we'll stay on top of it all & let us know if anything is not clear

  • Invoicing: We can only work with you if you are able to pass an invoice. Payments are made by bank transfer. 



What you can expect from us: 

  • You set your own prices. You inform us about the price you charge for the service you offer. When your work gets requested by a client, we communicate that price to the client with our commission on top (20%). 

  • We usually do not forward unpaid gigs (unless it is very very special or you tell us to do so in certain cases).

  • We will always try negotiating the best price for you. If you feel like it is not enough, we understand and respect every “no”. 

  • We will always be as transparent as possible and give you all the information we have on a certain booking. If there is anything you feel unclear about, please ask us.

  • No exclusivity, no obligation: you're free to work with agencies or other organisations. You're always free to refuse a booking if it doesn't suit you. This could happen when you are not aligned with the values of a brand/company, or simply do not like the offer.

  • Cities and countries: Please note that we're currently mostly active in Portugal (main hubs: Lisbon, Porto, Algarve) and Germany (main active hub: Berlin). Our ambition is to grow worldwide and we're working hard for it. However, if you're located outside of those main hubs, it might take some time before you get your first booking. Thank you for your patience.


In General


  • We are happy to promote you - feel free to send us news and tell us when you want to be featured on our blog or  social media

  • We try to encourage collaboration between artists - feel free to recommend us to other artists or send us their contact info. Let us know if you also want us to put you in touch with other artists from our portfolio

  • We love transparency and honest feedback - please feel free to always reach out to us if something is unclear or makes you unhappy.


We move fast and have a lot of changes ahead, so this is just a short summary - if you have any doubts or questions, please get in touch with us at any time!


Your contact person: Camille | [email protected] | +49 176 34 34 71 70

#OneLove ❤