Legendary Strawberry Man Show

by Legendary Strawberry Man

Legendary Strawberry Man Show includes:- 45 Minutes Show of the Legendary Strawberry Man Playing his unique Didgeridoo, Beatboxing and storytelling about his travels around the whole world- Topics are: Sound, Being Authentic, Living in the Moment, Dragons, Healing.- Available in festivals and clubs, especially good for opening the event and gathering the people together.- Also available outside in open air or street, I provide for myself all the equipment needed (speaker, power, everything)

Berlin, Germany

I have been travelling around the world for the last 3 years making music on the streets, festivals and clubs. I am the Legendary Strawberry Man, I dress up like a Strawberry, play my scientifically engineered Didgeridoo (Saxo-Didge) and storytell about my travels and unique point of view on life.

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