Copenhagen, Denmark

We are a band of four professional musicians and entertainers from Denmark who deliver engaging music performances employing nothing but bottles and other everyday items. Our passion is to create moments that leave no one untouched, involving and heightening the energy level of everyone present!

A 10-15 minute music performance on bottles and other everyday items that gets the audience involved and invigorated with positive and creative energy. Being highly activating this is a great solution as an ice breaker or opening act; a brief and inspiring break during a busy conference day; or an upbeat closure to any event."Their performance surpassed our wildest expectations. Bottle Boys deliver an amazing show that gets people out their seats every time!”Charlotte Kjær - NBT, Copenhagen

A one-of-a-kind experience the 30-45 minute show by the Bottle Boys transforms any event into an unforgettable occasion vibrant with life. The trademark of this show is that the audience is highly active. We've had audiences all around the world singing along, dancing and even jumping to the music. A very high energy show performed on bottles and other everyday items."Bottle Boys were mind-blowing, entertaining, funny, unique (…). They have to be experienced.”Lene H. Andersen - Novo Nordisk