Lisbon, Portugal

Companhia NaRua is a puppet theather group in Lisbon created in 2010. Inpired by the combination between the love for Lisbon and the love for Fado, our show is a mix of the different aspects of Portuguese Culture and the good Rock n' Roll.

Our performance is an homage to the queen of Fado: Amália Rodrigues with an interpretation of her concert of 1956 at the Olympia, Paris. The Amália puppet is manipulated by Paula Santos who gives her voice as well. Her guitar players, João das Cordas and Manuel Hung are connected and are manipulated by Hugh Tomas. During the break, we have the skeletons "Bones" and his son "Bonsy" who sing themes like "Don't Worry be Happy", "Sprint in the Sky", "Day-o# and "What a Wonderful World".