Copenhagen, Denmark

I am a recycle artist from Denmark. Together with my team I make art and design projects, sculptures, mural art, scenography and interactive installations all over the world. I only use local recycle materials such as scrap wood, plastic etc.

The Happy Wall is an interactive pixel wall. By flipping colorful boards, made from wood, the Happy Wall allows anyone to display their messages and pixel art on a massive scale in a public space. A privilege normally reserved for giant brands and organisations.The Happy Wall can be custom made for clients, and versions are also available for rent.

Over the last couple of years my team and I have made more than 24 wooden sculptures. We usually build from local scrap wood found in cooperation with the client, such as pallets, wood from and old construction etc.The sculptures can be build in many shapes and sizes, and with different functionalities depending on location and the clients budget.

Over the years I have experimented with making art installations, scenography and sculptures from one of the most critical waste forms; Plastic. I love experimenting with this material, making anything from small flowers to huge sculptures. All work is made from using plastic from various industries or just found at local scrapyards. For example we made a big swan from the used mayonnaise buckets of local catering companies in Copenhagen.

Over the last 10 years I have made more than 4.000 birdhouses for the urban space as street art or installations for various clients. Birds are some of the few animals still thriving in our cities, so I believe it is very important to cherish them and make them feel welcome. The birdhouse installations are often made in workshops, kids and grownups assembling and painting the birdhouses together with me and my team before assembling them in a mural, or other types of installations.

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