Lisboa, Portugal

I am a Spanish illustrator living in Portugal. My focus lies on drawing and illustration but my work is very versatile. I use different techniques in order to express my thoughts such as serigrapgh printing, digital drawing, painting, mural painting and photography.

Dedicated to the sensorial and visual exploration of materials, colors, forms and their mixes. Use of appropriate paints, that are eatable and washable, which we will use to spread on and paint a big paper on the floor. Bring clothes that can painted on, since we will be painting with hands and feet. Lots of colorful fun for babies between 1 and 3 years old and their parents.

Drawing and painting workshop for children in my atelier. Private classes also available

Illustrated portraits in A3 format based on photo, printed in 300g paper with authenticity certification. Can be sent per mail

My project is called Live Portraits. I work in Lisbon at fair or in the streets painting portraits for people in 10 minutes with fast but firm strokes. You can choose the background.

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