Painting Services

Let Street Art brighten up your office or your own home. Hire our artists to give you some wall painting ideas. Have a colorful mural, a beautiful abstract painting on canvas or even chalk 3D Art for your next Marketing action.

Tell us which are your favorite painting techniques and let us match you with the perfect artist for your project. From a mural painting, to the best wall art ideas for your office or a live painting session for your corporate party. The ideas are almost endless. Let us find you the best 3D street artists or the the most beautiful design for your shop's windows. Tell us what you're looking for and we can take care of the rest!

Wall Painting - Murals with an Impact


Painting walls, murals, offices or event spaces is one of the latest trends. You can use wall painting design as your marketing strategy or simply to decorate a wall or spread your visual corporate identity. Let us paint your walls!

Live Painting


Live painting is something you should consider if you're charge of event planning. You can book an artist to paint on a canvas or even to paint a wall and catch everyone's attention. Live painting is a creative marketing tool and a great addition to your conference or birthday party. Let us share some live painting ideas with you.

The Best Wall Decor Ideas


You can use street art as your wall decor in your office or even in your own living room. Urban arts are extremely versatile and can easily adapt to the corporate identity of your company or do your favorite color scheme. You can chose a beautiful canvas painting, an illustration or even a bedroom wall painting directly on the surface. Tell us what you're looking for and we'll match you with the right artist.

Graffiti Workshops


If you're looking for some team building ideas with a creative touch or you're organizing an artistic event with a group of friends, a graffiti workshop is the right choice for you. The combination between Arts and fun group activities could not be better. Let your creativity flow with our graffiti workshop ideas and company team building activities.

3D Street Art


3D Street Art must be one of the most unique guerrilla marketing strategies to attract everyone's attention. It's an impressive type of Art capable of creating optical illusions and make your brand go viral after a few pictures.

Chalk and Window Art


If you're not looking for something permanent like paint, you think of chalk paint for your blackboard. It's a creative idea to promote your space with personalized designs. If you don't have a chalkboard, you can also think about painting on windows or even tape art.


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