Berlin, Germany

The Krank, is a Berlin-based multi-skilled street artist specializing in typography, murals, video art, abstract painting and art installations. He has a creative flair and edgy nature, which have been showcased through his typographic projects and art exhibitions across Europe.

The Krank’s most iconic element is his unique alphabet which has established him in the current street-art scene gaining more publicity every day. He has a distinct and strong Berliner aesthetic portraying deep messages which take over the space by creating a unique and ultra-dynamic art exhibition both indoors and outdoors.

Multi-level abstract paintings from landscapes to portraits, The Krank has one of the most electrified and characteristic depictions of his worldview. Deep emotions and bold interpretations are the result of his contact with a blank surface with black dynamic forms, which are telling stories in a contemporary still classic way.

Thrilled by the experience of painting live at public events using multiple experimental techniques and materials, The Krank was never a conventional studio-artist but rather a creative and inspirational mind, reflecting his experience from the streets where he developed the skills to create large-scale art pieces at impressive speed . Ether Typographic or abstract, his work attracts the attention and captures the viewer to follow the creative process making space for new ways of thinking.

The Krank experiments more than normal and uses the power of light to create an outstanding and breathtaking atmosphere. Transparent painted surfaces are transforming the whole space to an unforgettable experience for the visitors. Colors, shadows and multiple layers are taking over your eyes. The exhibition highlights combined with experimental sounds encourage you to focus even more on your emotions, forget about time and set your imagination totally free.

With his workshop, The Krank guides the participants through the process of creating abstract artworks. The creative concept is to make an abstract artwork by teaching participants on how to let their emotions and imagination lead and experiment new ways of thinking. Together they explore different painting techniques using objects of the everyday life in a complete different manner, so they can experience an "out of the box" way of thinking.