Berlin, Germany

"The Krank" is a Berlin-based artist focusing on Typography and Abstract Expressionism.

I paint on various surfaces including walls, canvases and others. My abstract art is the key that unlocks many realities. It gives you the freedom to escape and travel with your mind in worlds that you thought never existed.

I am always thrilled to paint canvases and walls in front of an audience. I use multiple experimental techniques and materials to create abstract images combined with my established typography.

I bring messages on walls and surfaces in different layouts using my abstract alphabet. Every message creates a strong and edgy artwork transforming an empty space to an art installation.

With his workshop, The Krank guides the participants through the process of creating abstract artworks. The creative concept: making an abstract artwork teaches participants to let go and experiment new ways of thinking. Together they explore different painting techniques using objects of the daily life in a different manner, they learn to think "out of the box". The workshop fits any audience 0-99 years old and works very good for team activities and company events as well as private occasions.