Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain

"Trotamundos” circus company was formed in January 2015 in Buenos Aires by Mailén Mansilla and Luciano Mezzotero, both natives of the Argentine capital. “Historias de un Baúl”, the company’s first production, is a mix of circus techniques and comedy premiered in "Umore Azoka" festival in May 2017.

“Historias de un Baúl” is the tale of Fidel and Capulita, two endearing circus characters- partners, wanderers, dreamers, traveling through life with an old suitcase, always on the lookout for any new audience they can surprise and entertain. Juggling balls, hula hoops, acrobatics on the suitcase and crowd participation make up the scenes of this original, 50 minute show in which a dynamic mix of circus and theatre techniques transform everyday situations into fun and delight for all the family!