Berlin, Germany

Viktoria's illustrations are influenced by the urban life style of Berlin and the longing for a natural habitat. She uses a lot of hand lettered words combined with illustrative elements. She works digitally, on paper or on big surfaces like walls, windows and chalk boards. Especially the latter.

Wooden signs or signage on walls with paint for a festival, event, market, etc.

Any kind of digital illustration for posters, flyers, social media, websites, apparel, merchandise, bags, etc.

Design onto a wall painted with chalk color (black). I can draw an illustration, claim or your logo onto a wall with chalk in white or color.

Lettering with chalk for food events like street food markets or events or even your office kitchen.

Live painted mural for a video, event or graphic recording at trade fairs.

Illustration and hand-lettering on chalk boards for your event, shop, cafe or booth at a trade fair with your custom text and picture ideas, such as quotes, claims or logos.

Illustrative design of a window for a shop, restaurant or office.

Painted murals for an event, space, office, shop, cafe, restaurant etc.