Berlin, Germany

Falk Land is a Berlin based painter and graphic designer working in several creative disciplines. With a graffiti background, he progressively transitioned to street art, installations, painting and graphic design.

I make analog and digital illustrations.

My main customers are clubs, restaurants, bars and shops but I'm open for any kind of new ideas. Any size and ground is possible / Indoor and outdoor are no problem for me.

I do the concepts (including 3D modelling if neccesary), planning and realisation / The wood and construction can be done by me and my team as well / Usually I work for festivals, clubs, exhibitions, events and food shops but I'm open for all kind of new ideas.

I do free and commissioned artworks. For clubs, festivals, events, restaurants, products etc. Indoor and outdoor - no problem. Any size is possible!

I do commissioned and free works / On any type of ground and in any size / I work with mixed media material (spray paint, acrylic, pencil, aquarelle) / My techniquie is a collage combining abstract elements with realistic figures.

I do sign painting, menu painting, handmade letters, lasercut letters, cnc letters, shop design, small handmade wooden signs, window painting, signposts etc. / Indoor and outdoor / Handmade signs (with names etc.) on request are possible /Event life painting no problem as well

I do logos, advertisings, designs, posters, flyers, business cards, banners, postcards, covers etc. I’m always open for new ideas and challenges.

I do the concept and realization for the design of any moving object / My specialization is on food trucks and festival trucks / I can present different technics for different price levels / Permanent design or temporary redesign, both are no problem for me.

Any kind of picture, illustration, photograph can be decorated on walls or wood / Colored or black and white pictures in any size are possible / Indoor is for constant use, outdoor is for temporary use / Easy to remove for temporary events

I regularly participate in non-profit projects around the world to design schools, tourist lodges or to make painting workshops in youth centers for homeless children. My aim is to help directly and get to know the world beyond our wealthy bubble. If you have any sort of non-profit project and need creative help please get contact me. I do workshops, logos, advertisings, murals, paintings and trainings in painting/ illustration/ upcycling. I’m open for any sort of new idea and place.

I’m part of the crew Bosso Fataka / We do upcycling installations out of scrap, cling foil and wood / We create figures, decorations, stage designs, stall designs, product presentations and set designs for photo shootings / Basically we work for music and art festivals but we are open to any kind of new ideas.