Berlin, Germany

Berliner Grafikdesigner und Sprayer. Er benutzt am liebsten Spraypaint, Marker und Akrylfarben - egal auf welcher Oberfläche. In den letzten Jahren habe ich Murals, invidualisierte Kleidungsstücke wie Sneaker, Caps und viele andere Kunstwerke kreiert.

»1054 Productions« is a Berlin based Artist collective (consisting of Hülpman, Atol and Tank) which offers services for workshops, commissioned artworks, mural paintings and live events. We offer workshops for your events, which can be indoor or outdoor with different techniques from Graffiti to Stencil Art. We come up with a concept and a strategy to make your event special for you and your guests.Feel free to talk with us about your ideas, there are no limits in creativity!

No matter which surface or venue you have in mind, I could come up and paint live in front of an audience or for a show. The process will be the developement from your basic idea till the final event. Materials and size depend on the location or medium which will be painted. It can either be indoor or outdoor.

From portrait to abstract things, the possibility of using digital Art for Ads or other services is a good alternative to analogue styles. I usually use Photoshop to create digital drawings, so there is no limit in colours or formats.

You can book individualized murals with different styles. May it be a large-scaled artwork or a small place, the size does not matter. Materials can vary from spraypaint to Acrylic paint and brushes or markers.

The chance to get customized textiles created, which are hand-painted after your ideas, is pretty rare. There is no real border and the service could also be used as a chance to show an audience how a "new" model emerges from "random" textiles.

Besides creating murals and textiles, I also provide a huge variety of canvas paintings with different materials.