Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol based graffiti artist and illustrator | Specialized in character design and 2D animation | Commercial work includes live painting, work shops and festivals | Heavily influenced by Hip hop and Skate Culture | 5+ years of experience | Inspired by the people and cultures around him

If you need editorial, web or digital illustrations then this is a much faster process than painting. Initially we can brainstorm your ideas with sketches and layout designs. From these we can deduce which is the best design and then I will be able to do a final draft of the illustration, which I can colour digitally in photoshop. Digital illustrations are easily amendable and can be used for product branding, gig fliers , magazine articles and web games.

If you have an event coming up and need someone to draw on boards, walls, t-shirts or canvas then this is a great way of adding a spectacle to an event. Typical events that I have done this for include; corporate events, kids birthdays, weddings, bar openings, and festival events. This can be achieved to a large or small scale depending on the duration of the event, typically this is done with marker pens, but can be done with paint or spray paint. An ideal service for indoor and outdoor events.

The process for painting on walls is very similar to painting canvases , except there is obviously a difference in scale. I have painted walls for bars, clubs, Cafe's, shop shutters, public spaces and corporate events. This is a great way of brightening up a work space and adding more colour or vibrance to a blank wall. If you had a particular project in mind, I would be happy to sketch out initial ideas, refine the design & pick out a colour palette before the painting process begins.

I take on commissions to create canvases. I am versatile in many mediums but prefer to use a mixture of acrylic, spray paint and gouache. If you have an idea for a canvas or just wanted a one of paintings to a particular size, then this is a great way of owning a piece of art that will last forever. If you had a particular theme or ideas for content, I can provide initial sketches of ideas before starting the painting process . These canvas will be a one off, never to be recreated or printed.