Live Sketching for Events

Live sketching might not be a new trend in the world of events, yet the ways to impress your guests with it are endless. From quirky caricatures, through live sketches or paint drawings, to digital illustrations, you can find the right artist to create a lasting memory for everyone to bring home after your event.

Get in touch and let us help you find the artist whose drawings will remain as a souvenir that will continuously bring back the good memories from your event to each of your guests.

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Graphic Recording Services

Get your ideas captured and presented visually by a graphic recording artist. Let words, colors, and images share your story as you speak it. Bring your next video presentation to life or let the power of visualizing your concepts get the attention of each attendee at your next conference.

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Live Portrait Painting

Adding a personal touch to your next event with a live portrait painting will certainly leave a beautiful memory in the mind of your guests. The artist will spread their creativity and the colors will flow on the canvas, falling into place to form the portraits of your guests.

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Sketch Artist for hire

Live sketching can capture the ambiance of an event and illustrate the guests through the colors, lines, and details. Sketches are an entertaining way to entertain your guests during your next event and give them the chance to take a piece of the moment home with them. Choose the artist that speaks to you and we will help you proceed with the booking.

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Hire a caricature artist for your wedding

The quirky and exaggerated drawings are a sure way to have a good laugh at your wedding and give your guests a souvenir of your special day they can cherish long after the moment is gone. Browse the caricature artists and choose the one that would fit your big day perfectly.

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What our clients say

“The artist convinced us completely. We never had any doubts about his artistic expertise. His art action was the center of attention at the event area.”
— Akzio

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The artists get back to you about their availability and prices asap. Pay a small advance payment to reserve the artists. The rest can be paid right after the job is done.


Experience our fantastic artists. Sit back and enjoy the artistic experience: whether it is a living room concert, or a new painting on your wall.

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