Berlin, Germany

We are a collective of six aspiring artists and formed TAPE THAT in 2011. Inspired by the possibility to create something new out of an everyday object, we mostly work with adhesive tape as a medium.

We are always looking forward to new artistic opportunities. These also include the organisation of tape art exhibitions in all its varieties. In the past we had exhibitions at the Black Market Collective and at the tattoo studio Tremuschi Ink - in which we covered a whole room with tape. In 2016 we organised the Tape Art Convention - an exhibition that showcased artworks of tape artists from all over the world.

Besides creating artworks ourselves we love to teach this urban art form to other art enthusiasts, novices and professionals. No matter the artistic level of individuals, tape art is a great way for any interested person to become creative.

We often create our artworks in live performances in which the audience gets the chance to interact with the artists and to follow the progress of the artwork. Being a young art form, most people are surprised (sometimes even sceptical) when they first get in contact with tape art. Time and time again, this surprise turns into amazement when the bits and pieces come together and people see the finished artwork.

We have an expertise in creating tape artworks in a variety of interiors, ranging from offices to living rooms and large conference halls. It is important to us to always involve the surrounding environment when creating each piece, thus ensuring a unique expression that fits within its context.

Tape as a medium allows you to create "temporary artworks", as tape can be removed just as fast and easy as it can be applied on an even surface. We have an expertise in creating such artworks for booths at diverse fairs. The photos show the booths we designed for fairs in Frankfurt, Berlin and Duisburg.