Berlin, Germany

I develop projects with light, interactive installations, murals and big size paintings. Much of my research focuses on human beings, their behavior as individuals and social acceptance. I study memories through the dreams, multiverse as a part of our existence too. Geometry is the brain of my work.

I love intervening space and the objects that inhabit the same space. Creating a discourse regarding color and how they all coexist at the same time in harmony.

Color, light, aerosol, acrylic and markers full of energy and power!

With what the space generates, I can create environments for large spaces and houses.

I work in exterior and interior spaces creating two-dimensional murals with three-dimensional light. I use NEON light, LED boxes, I design the structure of the neon depending on my client's needs. It's a team work and a collaboration between my client and my artist position. I love color, but I also work in B&W.

I can develop pieces made with different materials as well as ordinary textures, then combine them with superpower color and light. This is "Suspension & Time", made of 6 series of different colors, all made by hand so I ask myself: "What's the now of painting?". I use industrial materials, ordinary materials whose "speech" has been changed.

I create colorful murals for different purposes, both indoors and outdoors. After talking to the client, I paint something that meet their needs. It can be very colorful and inspired by my Colombian culture. The first example is a mural for a building's reception. The second one is an artwork inspired by my culture and called Necocli, a beautiful zone of my country.