Porto, Portugal

Mr. Milk is a performing arts company, children's theater, circus, wedding entertainment, street entertainment and artistic creation.

After spending centuries asleep, a beautiful tree comes back to life and creates two human beings that are born from its roots. With their eyes closed, they slowly discover the world around them through the different senses. Looking for a reason for existing, they create stories and live adventures. One night, they come back to the tree's roots and go back to the deep world where they came from.

Um palhaço, entra num palco, onde vai apresentar o seu espectáculo de circo. Devido ao seu contacto com o publico começa a criar uma dinâmica de imitação através do riso. Pega no seu livro de fogo e tenta contar uma história, que se transforma pouco a pouco nas personagens do capuchinho vermelho

After long hours of work, a constructor worker sleeps surrounder by flours, his meal and carton boxes. He wishes to become a clown and make all the children laugh. He wants to travel inside a giangt bubble that will transport you in the adventure of his life.

In a dark night, two fights take place in a temple where there is a light spirit. The fire symbolizes the love and explores the dark and dangerous side of drug trafficking. It's a criminal world with bets where loyalty doesn't exist and death is in every corner.

A clown street performance suitable for every kind of event. Fire show with juggling and magic.

A fantastic street show for every kind of event.